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Young Hispanic R&B singer to shock his generation

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Young Hispanic R&B singer to shock his generation Meet artist Raynaldo Rodriguez, at the young age of 20 he is already making big waves in the music scene. He prefers the title “singer and artist.” When interviewed he stated,“People should read about me for the simple reason, my music is relatable.” Raynaldo Rodrigues’ music shows how someone like him; someone that didn’t have any money or musical opportunity, can make their own opportunity for him or herself. “Money isn’t always everything, money comes and goes, just cause you don’t have money doesn’t mean you have nothing!” In the beginning he had to learn so many things on his own, he had absolutely no clue on how to work a macbook and had no help to show him what he would need to start recording himself. He eventually learned and taught himself how to engineer and record himself in the studio that he built! Over time he kept improving his singing. He got better and better. He continues to learn and teach himself more everyday all the while going out to share his gift and passion with people all around the world. At the age of 17 he started going to a studio in Orland park. He went to the studio where he met Paul Murphy, the very first engineer he ever worked with. He showed Raynaldo the life of records and recordings “I Fell in love with the process once again, it was hard but little by little I learned how to navigate myself through the studio and was flowing with ease; I learned fast!” From then on, with knowledge he now possessed, he invested and built his own studio. My music’s release dates tell the story from the first track, to the present day. The biggest obstacle he has faced on his music journey would be the use of technology and lack of money. Not knowing how to use any of the software was overwhelming for him but something always told him to keep trying, and it’ll all work out even though it’s hard. So he pushed forward and went through chapters of digital online research to make it happen. Some honest wisdom that he would like to share with people is to “please, please go through the hard things in life that you are trying to avoid, take that risk! It’s so worthwhile. It might make you cry, it might make you angry, it might even make you so nervous you freeze but you have to at least start to flap your wings so you could get to flying. To overcome this you have to start with the hard things, just one by one you’ll get there with your God given sacrifices and will power it’ll happen.” In his future, Raynaldo sees his name and music in the mouths of singers and women all across the nation, excited and expecting more and more songs and in person appearances from the~Raynaldo Rodriguez! Some of his dreams consist of singing with the greats of my generation and the generation he watched when he was little. “To sing for them and for others the way they did so long ago. I’d like for my name and music to exist due to its beautiful impact on people and for its ability to stand out with talent! To be known as a Great R&B singer. His goal for this press article is to catch the eye and attention of high traffic brands and record labels. Which would consist of people that are managers, vocal coaches, promoters, venues, Supporters/Fans of my music, and other high organic traffic Artists, Sponsors. etc. Be sure to keep up with him on Instagram and YouTube.

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