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From Podcasting to movie Premieres: The Journey of Lloyd creating Check It TV

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Raising awareness of autism with a celebrity podcast. Lloyd Beck, owner of Check It TV has been working on his podcast since 2019 “ and, in that time, has interviewed 300 actors / musicians whom he discussed their route stardom and how they got to where they are now alongside struggles and challenges in the industry.

Lloyd has been interviewing guests all around the world since 2019 and it has grown pretty big. It has been doing really well but he is still looking to get some awareness out about it. As an autistic person, he has also been raising awareness of the condition in the podcast episodes which gives him a therapeutic effect. It really helps with his autism because he keeps talking to people.

Because of the difficulties living with Autism He doesn’t have a normal day-to-day job however this has really helped his career choice in podcasting, Lloyd is not earning money from it but it’s what makes him happy It also trains him up to gain confidence and talk to more people in public.

He has interviewed names such as the voice actors behind video game GTA V, Ned Luke who is Michael and Shawn Fonteno who is Franklin, and musicians such as Tito Jackson and Bone Thugs N Harmony.

After five years of experience he has had the opportunity to be invited to movie premieres and interview celebrities live in person.

The podcast also lets you have a look into the lives of the stars and helps you to get to know them. You can listen to the episodes by searching ‘Check It TV’ on Spotify.

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