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Blvck Corey On Beginnings, Launching His Own Clothing Brand, Hip-Hop’s Evolution & More

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Corey Lee McLendon better known by his stage name “Blvck Corey” is an independent American Hip-Hop artist and songwriter from Sandusky, OH.
Blvck Corey brings together intense and fiery themes and sculpts them into pieces that are guided by the foundations of his upbringing.

We recently had the privilege to chop it up with Blvck Corey for an exclusive ThisIs50 interview. The Ohio-talent spoke on his beginnings, launching his own clothing brand, “Authentic User,” working on his [upcoming] debut album, the evolution of Hip-Hop and much more!
2023 and beyond looks very promising for Blvck Corey so get familiar below!
When did you start making music?
“Well I started writing as early as 8 years old. By 15 I was taking music very seriously and released my first mixtape. My first [artist] name was actually King Coca.
Why the name change to “Blvck Corey”?
“As I got older I just felt it was better to go by my real name. My content stems from my personal experiences so why not go authentic all the way
down to my artist name. I released my debut project “Colorful Language” under Blvck Covery in 2019.
Who are your inspirations?
“Well first and foremost, my biggest inspiration is my family. Especially my son Michael, and my wife, who is very hands on with my career.
As for artists who inspired me.. TIP [for sure] who is my favorite rapper. And the late, great… iconic,Tupac Shakur.”
You have your own brand called “Authentic User.” Tell us more about that and the inspiration behind the name and brand.
“Authentic User is a brand of clothing, not just for a particular group or race of people, but for everyone and [for] any occasion. Being authentic means not being attached to the latest fad but to unique designs, concepts and one’s true self.”
“No matter your profession, race or religion, Authentic User is a brand designed for the everyday person that’s unapologetically themselves and does not care what others think.
Whether it be the neighborhood skater, the Hip-Hop enthusiast or LGBTQIA Community, Authentic User has something for everyone to enjoy and display their own unique style.”
It’s been 18 months since your last release, “PANTHER.” Can fans expect new music soon?
 “I can’t say exactly when, but fans can definitely expect new music [soon]. I’m also working on my mainstream debut album, “H.I.M (History In Motion)” which I’m very excited about!”
You’re certainly an emcee who takes pride in his lyrics — what’s your thoughts on the new sub-genres (trap, drill, etc) of Hip-Hop today?
“Although I might not personally listen to those sub-genres, I’m glad Hip-Hop has evolved. I think for anything to stay relevant, [it] has to go through evolution.
Hip-Hop just turned 50 this year… a half a century! That’s incredible… like BIG said, who would’ve thought Hip-Hop would take it this far?” 
Where does Blvck Corey see himself in 5 years?
“My goal is to own a production company. My label “Sucka Free Ent” was [just] a start on what I want to accomplish. I see myself branching out and owning multiple businesses.”

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