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Westside Gunn – And Then You Pray For Me Episode 3

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In episode 3, Westside Gunn continues to show us his love and passion for fashion, working with KidSuper. And Then You Pray For Me, the album is finally finished and turned in, now it’s time to celebrate. While in New York City, Westside Gunn spends his time sequencing and putting the final touches on the album w/Daringer. We get to see the creative process behind the newest merch drop for the album, and see the key people behind the graphic designs. Westside Gunn touches on his strong brotherhood with Virgil Abloh, and the designs he created for him personally before his untimely demise. Also, he speaks on his newest pieces of art and jewelry that resemble the love and respect he has for Virgil’s legacy. Gearing up for one of the most anticipated albums of the year, we continue to see Westside Gunn in a way we have never before. And Then You Pray For Me, on the way!

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