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Introducing K.i.D RAPPiT!

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Who have been the biggest influences in your music career? Eminem Lil Wayne Kanye West Akon Joyner Lucas are some of the rappers who have had an influence over my music career. The music that I make will impact people’s way of life, I want to give purpose to their lives, let my music be motivation, so they can do what they want to do with their lives. What makes me stand out? I don’t like being bossed around, I like to do my own thing. I want to become my own boss. The way the work world treats a normal 9 to 5 doesn’t cut it for me at all. I want more then what the 9 to 5 job can offer me, I have way more to offer the world. The things that I want to accomplish in this life are being the biggest artist of all time! that’s what I’m focusing on it’s like a race to the finish to see who’s the best runner on the track. One of the biggest challenges I overcame was losing my drivers license. I lost my license for a year due to an accident I had a few years back, I was on probation. It felt like I couldn’t do anything because you need a car when it comes to trying to make a good life for yourself to go places What wisdom would you want to share with others? What lessons can people learn from you? Don’t fuck up what ever Jesus brings to you, god always has a plan. Don’t lose it and never take it for granted, take in the moment and cherish it. Learn how to take a risk because you’ll get stuck doing 9 to 5 jobs for the rest of your life and you’ll become miserable don’t give in to that, take a risk and see the results come in. In a few years I see myself at my future business making beats & music living the life. My biggest aspiration would be to travel around the world, make inspirational music & give to those who are in need. I want the focus of this article to be about a guy trying to make the work a little bit better with all the bad stuff going on around us, all the things that go on a daily basis. With inflation and poverty rising, most people have jobs that don’t pay well, overpriced food and rent. I’m just trying to make it by making music for people who need it, hopefully it helps then not lose their head because there’s always a way to make it out. My goal with this press article is to show people I’m someone worth taking serious, and to get people out the Matrix with good real music and facts provide to potential title ideas if you like. The Kid who chases his dreams The kid who becomes his own boss. Music is K.I.D RAPPIT! peace.

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