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Downright Delicious with Yo-Yo

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On “Downright Delicious with Yo-Yo,” the charismatic hip-hop artist Yo-Yo brings a delightful twist to her show by welcoming guest appearances from her own family, along with her accomplished “Boss” girlfriends, who are prominent figures in the worlds of fashion, beauty, and business. This engaging mix of familiar faces and industry moguls not only adds a personal touch to the show but also showcases the breadth of Yo-Yo’s connections and the diverse perspectives she brings to the table, making the podcast a flavorful blend of personal anecdotes, professional insights, and empowering conversations.

On the menu are stuffed Portobello mushrooms, BLT skewers with scallops and pesto, and the cocktail of the day: a blood orange Margarita.


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