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Chaos to Calm: Detroit

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“Chaos to Calm: Detroit,” the show guides its audience on a transformative journey, taking them from disarray and frustration to a state of contentment and organization. This captivating series features the organizing virtuoso Michaele Tocco, known for her company Michaele’s Precise Planning. Michaele’s talent shines as she orchestrates a remarkable makeover, turning disorder and pandemonium into serene, visually pleasing, and practical spaces. Viewers will gain invaluable insights into her methods for conquering clutter, whether it’s lurking in basements, businesses, pantries, warehouses, home offices, or even car barns. Together with her trusted assistant, fellow Detroiter Rodney Tompkins, they achieve these remarkable transformations in record time.

According to the pro-organizer Michaele Tocco, when you experience a significant life transition, it’s essential to assess the contents of your wardrobe. Recently, a young client who is on the verge of entering high school, with the approval of her parents, reached out to Michaele for assistance in transforming her childhood closet into one fit for a teenager.

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