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City of Hope and Lyor Cohen to host ‘DJ Cassidy’s Pass The Mic Live

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City of Hope®, one of the United States’ most prominent cancer research and treatment institutions, renowned for its contributions to diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses, has made an exciting announcement. They revealed that their Music, Film and Entertainment Industry (MFEI) fundraising group’s Spirit of Life® Gala is now completely booked, and it will feature a unique and exclusive rendition of “DJ Cassidy’s Pass The Mic Live!” This unparalleled musical event will present a stellar lineup of over a dozen legendary hip-hop and R&B artists who have been instrumental in shaping the 40-year legacy of Lyor Cohen across various ventures, including Rush Management, The Island Def Jam Music Group, Warner Music Group, and 300 Entertainment. The roster of performers will include iconic figures like Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, Dru Hill, EPMD, Ja Rule, Memphis Bleek, Swizz Beatz, T.I., and a host of surprise guest appearances.

“As a 10-year-old DJ and hip-hop kid growing up in New York City, I idolized Lyor Cohen long before he ever knew my name,” DJ Cassidy explained. “Then, as his Def Jam intern in my high school years, a hero became a mentor. I am truly honored to bring ‘Pass The Mic Live!’ to City of Hope and celebrate Lyor’s commitment to making the best health care available to hip hop fans and performers by uniting a once-in-a-lifetime lineup of iconic artists who have influenced his massive musical legacy and hip hop’s global influence as a whole.”

As the 50th anniversary of hip-hop unfolds, it’s a perfect moment to acknowledge that City of Hope will mark 50 years of collaboration with MFEI during this year’s commemoration, honoring the hip-hop industry luminary Cohen. Over this remarkable five-decade journey, influential figures and leaders within the industry have rallied together, generating nearly $150 million in support of City of Hope’s noble cause to revolutionize the landscape of cancer care. Their collective efforts have been dedicated to providing exceptional patient care, advancing pioneering research, and crucial education endeavors aimed at eradicating cancer and diabetes, forging an impactful legacy.

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