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The new Queen of ‘Gangsta Rap’ Kweena Dess, is proving why she has the heart to make it in the highly competitive field known as the music business. Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, the 5’7 ebony bombshell has a very memorable personality, as well as a captivating aura when she is performing on stage.

In her earlier days, Kweena Dess started out rapping as a duo with another female artist from her city. The two parted ways after having creative differences, leaving Kweena to continue on her journey as a solo artist. From the very 1st challenge in her career, she didn’t do what many independent artists do when things get rough and quit, she kept going. After finding the right manager who sees her vision and her passion, today her team is behind her putting in the work to see her make it big.

Coming out of a small town in the south and working to break into any avenue of the entertainment business is difficult no matter who it is. The amount of dedication, discipline, and consistency it requires to ‘break’ into the industry is what determines who is built for it and who is not. Kweena is built for it and is proving that she will do the footwork for the life she wants.

Kweena is a female lyricist known for her gangster style flow amongst her peers. She grew up heavily influenced by the trendsetters of that lane before her; Gangsta Boo, La Chat, & Mia X. She admits that she is heavily influenced by the female rappers who bring out the hood culture in their music.

Although Memphis and Atlanta are heavy hitters in the south when it comes to the rap game, Kweena Dess is putting South Carolina on her back and bringing her raw energy to the lineup. She is growing fast and elevating in her own lane with her music.

Stream her latest single ‘Check In’ out now on all platforms and find out why the Carolinas has a star with Kweena Dess.

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