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Dizeee Diamond$

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Dizzee Diamond$, is an American rapper/songwriter who’s looking to create a story as powerful as his music. Born in Chestertown, Maryland, and raised in Florida, Dizzee’s journey through life has been filled with hardship, making the position he is in admirable. From a young age, he faced the passing of his father, grew up in poverty, and felt like the “black sheep” without much support from family or friends. Although this can tear someone down, Dizzee is determined to turn his pain into power. 

Overcoming challenges is part of what made Dizzee into the person he is today. Facing hardships in life or even dealing with mental challenges is something you can get over or break free from. The advice Dizzee has to offer: “Always believe in yourself, even if no one else does. Your vision is your vision for a reason; don’t let naysayers shake your confidence. Stay focused, dedicated, and perfect your craft daily.”

Dizzee’s music career has seen great success so far. As a former triathlete in Ponte Verda/ Jacksonville, Florida, he gained recognition with a 2018 Soundcloud track titled “Freak”, gaining over 113k streams. After that, he dropped his mixtape, “Drip Surfin”, hitting 55k streams. In May of 2019, Dizzee dropped his first studio album, “Dizzee Land” and later followed up with early 2020 singles. His latest release is “Hop In This Bih Freestyle”, giving us a closer look at what is going to come in the near future with an EP right around the corner. 

 Looking ahead, Dizzee’s goals are to become a Billboard top-charting artist and collaborate with artists like Quavo, Offset, Future, and more. Dizzee aspirations include winning a Grammy, becoming a brand ambassador, and inspiring people around the world to get past the challenges life has presented them.

Dizzee Diamond$ is here and plans to stay here. His music tells a story of determination and confidence. Follow him on Instagram @dizzee_diamonds to stay up to date on his journey or check him out on streaming sites.

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