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Single Review: Why ‘Begin Again’ by The Dialogue is the epic ballad you’ve been waiting years to hear.

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Florida-based group The Dialogue offers a uniquely grand-scale, cinematic approach to their music – and it pays off in droves on tracks like ‘Begin Again.’
Florida group The Dialogue has released their newest single, ‘Begin Again,’ the title track from their upcoming debut album.
The group comprises Angela Galestro and Paul Cuevas and is in Southwest Florida. Both members have rich musical backgrounds – Angela received a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Shenandoah Conservatory while Paul pursued a bachelor's degree in composition – and, collectively, their varied musical stories have included classical and formal training. Driven by their love of eclectic genres and diverse artists – everything from jazz to Joni Mitchell, blues to Daft Punk – Angela and Paul were bonded by their desire to create something unique with The Dialogue.
On songs like ‘Begin Again,’ you get a palpable sense that their distinctive careers had been gearing them up to make songs like this. ‘Begin Again’ isn’t just a great song. Of course, it has all the hallmarks of a great piece – deeply thought-out lyrics, carefully arranged instrumentation, pitch-perfect delivery, and mind-blowingly pleasing vocal harmonies from the duo. But there’s something more going on here. The song itself feels and sounds important. The verses – carefully constructed in tanka-like poetic structures – are delivered with a passion and sincerity that is indeed bracing for the listener. You understand that these words and arrangements might feel trite if they were composed by anyone else – but not with The Dialogue; with this duo, they burn brightly.
‘Begin Again’ is a rolling, emotive ballad – the type of which is rarely attempted by artists these days. What’s more, the song has an enduring quality; it’s epic in its arrangement, theme, and delivery like it’s already laying the groundwork for becoming a timeless classic.
Listen to it and see what we mean –

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