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DJ CEO Discovers Rising Midwest Rapper ICN, Collaborates with 2Chainz for New Single “Like Iggy”

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In a surprising turn of events, internationally renowned Hollywood DJ and hip hop influencer, DJ CEO, has discovered a hidden gem in the Midwest rap scene. DJ CEO aka The CEO Of The West Coast known for his keen ear for music and his legendary collaborations, has signed the talented rapper ICN to his label, Let’s Get It Productions. The duo has joined forces to create a highly anticipated single titled “Like Iggy,” featuring none other than the celebrity rapper, 2Chainz. Set to release on all streaming platforms on October 20th, this collaboration is already generating buzz within the music industry.

ICN, a rising star hailing from the Midwest, has been making waves with his unique style and captivating lyrics. With a distinct flow and an ability to effortlessly blend various musical influences, ICN has caught the attention of DJ CEO when ICN was on a networking trip and met DJ CEO in West Hollywood. On this same trip ICN was also spotted by paparazzi along side Queen Latifah. Recognizing his potential, DJ CEO wasted no time in signing ICN to his label, Let’s Get It Productions. This partnership marks a significant milestone in ICN’s career, propelling him onto the international stage.

“Like Iggy,” the highly anticipated single from ICN, DJ CEO, and 2Chainz, promises to be a game-changer. The song’s title itself, referencing the need for a “bad bitch” like Iggy Azalea, hints at the bold and unapologetic nature of the track. With ICN’s lyrical prowess, DJ CEO’s expert production skills, and 2Chainz’s undeniable star power, this collaboration is set to be a chart-topper.

The song’s lyrics delve into the desire for a strong and independent partner, drawing inspiration from Iggy Azalea’s empowering presence in the music industry. The infectious beats and catchy hooks are sure to leave a lasting impression on fans worldwide.

The release of “Like Iggy” signifies a significant milestone for ICN, DJ CEO, and Let’s Get It Productions. This collaboration not only showcases the talent and versatility of ICN but also highlights DJ CEO’s ability to discover and nurture emerging artists and orchestrate tracks between up and coming talent and veteran artists in the industry. With 2Chainz lending his star power to the track, the song is poised to make a lasting impact on the hip hop scene.

With DJ CEO’s guidance and Let’s Get It Productions’ support, ICN’s star is set to rise even higher, solidifying his place in the ever-evolving world of hip hop.

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