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“On The Edge” With Big Boss Vette, Kaliii and More On New Hip-Hop Game Show

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Created by Derrian “Phreshy” Perry and Zeplyn Tillman and presented by I Am Phreshy Brand, Sovereign Brands, and AMPD365, On The Edge: Music Friends & Culture is said to “push boundaries and bring together the worlds of music, friendship, and black culture.”

  • ROUND 1: Song Association Questions – Contestants must quickly respond to song association prompts, revealing their musical expertise and connections.
  • ROUND 2: Questions about their Favorite Artists – Hosts challenge each other’s knowledge about beloved artists, delving into the artists who inspire us all.
  • ROUND 3: This or That Questions – The ultimate test of personal preferences and connections to black culture, as contestants navigate a rapid-fire round of either/or questions.

Leading the charge in this inaugural season are captivating talent hosts including:

  • Kaliii, accompanied by Guest Host: Rich Nanni
  • Jerrika Karlae, joined by Guest Host: Mariah
  • Daysha Taylor, with Guest Host: Quik V
  • Akeem Ali partnered with Guest Host: Jay
  • Big Boss Vette, alongside Guest Host: Ro
  • Asianae, joined by Guest Host: CUBE
  • Kollision, accompanied by Guest Host: Cloth
  • 3OH Black, with Guest Host: Chelly the MC

Check out episode 1 below:

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