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Jharrel Jerome Releases ‘Rap Pack’ EP As Part Of 4-Pack Project Launch

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Jharrel’s mesmerizing rap skills take center stage in this collection. His tracks are adorned with the rich sounds of piano, horns, and strings, creating a grand musical backdrop that perfectly complements Jharrel’s effortlessly appealing vocals. In his track titled “The Cycle,” set against a quirky yet captivating production, Jharrel delves into the timeless and often-debated cycle of life’s priorities, where themes of money and women resurface.

The release of Rap Pack comes with an immersive 7-minute multi-track video crafted by filmmaker Shomi Patwary, known for his work with A$AP Ferg, Diplo, and Mark Ronson. Jharrel not only stars in the video but also contributed to its writing. The video unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Jharrel’s hometown, New York City, which serves as both inspiration and the lyrical foundation for many of his dynamic verses.

Rap Pack Tracklist:
1. “Uh”
2. “Mobb Shallow”
3. “The Cycle”
4. “Chinatown”

Watch below:

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