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Big Jmac Plans To Drop A New Mixtape “Like I Never Left”

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From the likes of St. Paul, Minnesota, Big Jmac is an artist and record label owner who’s made his mark on the hip hop and rap game over the last two decades. He started his career under the wing of the independent record label, Never Stop Records, learning the ins and outs of the industry before branching out and co-founding his own label Street Mason Entertainment.

Here in 2023, Big Jmac has made a prominent return as an artist releasing seven singles so far this year. While each respective single is great and showcases Big Jmac’s talent, he now stands on the cusp of a new chapter and is ready to unveil his new mixtape “Like I Never Left.” This mixtape marks the first full project the artist has put out in quite some time and will feature a rejuvenated spirit and undeniable versatility from Big Jmac.

“Like I Never Left” will feature different sounds and flows than what you may be accustomed to from Big Jmac. He prides himself on making music that is inclusive and makes people want to dance and have a good time and this new project will be no different. While no official release date has been scheduled, be sure to keep up with Big Jmac over the next couple of months for that announcement.

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