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Phillip Speed (GODSPEED): A Rising Star Reshaping the Music Industry

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Phillip Speed, known by his stage name GODSPEED, is a multi-talented artist hailing from Jacksonville, North Carolina. Born on May 25th, 2002, Speed’s journey from a Division 1 soccer player at the University of North Carolina Wilmington to a thriving musician is a testament to his determination and passion for music. In this interview, we dive deep into Speed’s musical aspirations, creative process, inspirations, and his vision for the future.

Musical Beginnings and Influences:

After making the difficult decision to leave the soccer team, Speed channeled his energy into music, igniting a creative spark that would soon fuel his rise as an artist. His first project, the EP “Welcome to my Hell,” showcased his diverse musical abilities and introduced listeners to his unique blend of emo rap.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Dro Kenji, Juice WRLD, and various rock bands, GODSPEED masterfully combines elements from different genres, creating a sound that resonates with his audience. His willingness to experiment with different styles, ranging from rock to house music, exemplifies his artistic versatility.

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