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Sed The Truth Twists the Meaning of the Nightlife with the Sly “WE UP.”

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Sed The Truth, a young and talented musician, was born in the quaint yet vibrant town of Ypsilanti in Michigan. With a mother hailing from Los Angeles and a father from the same city, Sed’s upbringing was a unique blend of distinct cultures and experiences.


Despite a love for music from an early age, Sed never envisioned a career in the industry. It was only when he encountered a group of friends recording a cypher during his college years that he stumbled upon his passion for music creation. After laying down his first 16 bars, Sed was hooked.


Since that fateful night, Sed The Truth has been on an unstoppable journey, forging his unique sound in the world of music. His style perfectly represents his eclectic upbringing, seamlessly blending elements of different genres from hip-hop to funk, soul to R&B.


This young artist’s music speaks of his life experiences, creating a relatable and transcendent sonic experience for his listeners. Sed’s music is deeply rooted in his truth, with an honest and raw authenticity rare in today’s music world. 


As an urban streetwear model for the past two years, Sed The Truth has become a prominent figure in the fashion industry. His impressive portfolio includes runway shows, photoshoots, and collaborations with notable brands such as Artcareshop, making him a sought-after force in fashion. Furthermore, Sed’s recent appearance at Michigan Fashion Week further proves his talent and versatility as a model.


With his natural musical talent combined with his passion, Sed The Truth has quickly risen through the ranks, garnering a solid following of dedicated fans and receiving critical acclaim for his work. His music is a true testament to his artistry, making a mark in the industry with each release.


As Sed The Truth continues to create and evolve as an artist, his unique perspective and eclectic sound will surely make an indelible mark on the music world for years.


Sed The Truth possesses a real sense of humor on “WE UP.” Taking a sample from Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” he makes it chopped n’ screwed, giving the song a weird, trippy aesthetic. The theme underpins the importance of his message by transforming the radio hit into something distorted, like what a malfunctioning tape cassette player might come up with. His vocals rest right in the center, and everything else within the sound latches onto that, making sure never to let go. A sense of anarchy, of gleefully abandoning every expected move, further lends the track a sense of discovery. 

From the first moment, he ensures the listener knows what is being sampled before slowly chipping away at that foundation. With this destructive approach, the song takes the club and translates it into a distinctive brand of hip-hop. Rhythms have this near-broken quality, with the low-end doing nicely in rumbling through the whole thing. Additional layers are brought in to give the song a density as if it could sink to the bottom of the water for the final stretch. It never does, but this sense of uncertainty is a large part of the track’s appeal, as the listener remains completely confused about what will happen next. He lets the sample breathe once more at the final stretch before simply stopping dead in its tracks. 

“WE UP” is a club anthem, with Sed The Truth transforming a club anthem of years past into something new, different, and just a little dreamy. 

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