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Producer 6 Points on BET+ Orginal Sisters

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The sensational BET+ Original movie, “Sisters” is here and it’s an experience you won’t want to miss! At the heart of this captivating journey through music supervision is none other than the multitalented Marcus “6 Points” Curry, who not only orchestrated the movie’s mesmerizing soundscape gracefully but also embraced the spotlight as part of the cast.

As Music Supervisor 6 Points was in charge of making sure the sounds meshed well throughout the movie. He even weaves his magic by infusing four incredible tracks into “Sisters,” in which he produced that are each a masterpiece in its own right.

“Count it” by Mike Russ: Celebrating Triumph
“Count it” by Mike Russ becomes an anthem of triumph with 6Points’ touch. This track sets the tone for victories, infusing energy into every frame.

“Was It Worth It” by Famous Los: Emotions Amplified
Famous Los pours his soul into “Was it worth it,” and 6Points amplifies the raw emotion. Feel every moment alongside the characters, as the track weaves its spell.

“Hold on Another Day” by Angeline: Echoes of Hope

“Hold on Another Day” by Angeline captures the essence of hope, with 6Points’ production resonating with resilience. It’s a melody that uplifts the spirit.

“Is You Loyal” by Angeline ft. Famous Los: A Harmonious Collaboration
Witness the magical union of Angeline and Famous Los in “Is You Loyal.” 6Points’ masterstroke showcases how two distinct voices can harmonize to perfection.

6 Points doesn’t just curate a soundtrack – he creates an unforgettable experience that transcends the screen.
Don’t wait any longer! Immerse yourself in the world of the BET+ Original and let 6 Points’ artistry and the movie’s magic wash over you!

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