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Joe Kane Uncut Drops the Futuristic Music Video and Single, “Coke”

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Detroit has been receiving praise for being the home of lyricists like the surgical rhyme-spitter, Joe Kane Uncut. With a catalog that spans 7 albums and singles that could scorch even the depths of hell, he continues to amaze with every release, and it’s no different with his latest musical offering, “Coke.”

Coke, sampled from the artist ‘Kill The Noise,’ is a high-energy single capable of turning any environment into a vibe with its heavy bass thumping with a blend of elements that gives a modern yet cutting-edge sound that’s unheard of. It gives off a mix of EDM and hardcore rap, something that is by far ahead of its time. It’s no surprise Joe Kane Uncut is the artist behind the masterpiece given his track record. Who else could turn a drug-fueled ballad into a rap hit just off pure talent and creative genius?

Coke not only peaks in its diversified sound, but the music video doesn’t fall short of recognition. Incorporating the trippy visuals made possible by AI technology, Joe Kane Uncut takes audiences back to the future with inspirations from the iconic film. It’s the perfect balance of past, present, and future – showing just how much thought and details go into projects released by the renowned rhymer. Add video director Diego Cruz behind the lens and the end result is a flawless representation of visual art.

Summer just got a little more entertaining with “Coke” having the airwaves in a chokehold. Check out the latest single and music video by Joe Kane Uncut and see why everyone is turning up their speakers.

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