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Why is Logan H. James everywhere?? “For Real For Real” with one single out!

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The DMV Coalition DJs celebrated their 5-year anniversary with good music and good energy. Baltimore Artist Logan H. James was there to celebrate and perform. He then was spotted at Essence Fest hitting stages with touring Detroit Artist Willy J. Peso. Next we seen Logan embarked on a memorable journey at the Rolling Loud weekend. Who is this guy? and why is his song “For Real For Real” so popular and has him traveling.


The DMV Coalition DJs marked a significant milestone as they celebrated their 5-year anniversary. This group of DJs has played a pivotal role in promoting and nurturing local talent in the DMV area. The anniversary event drew a crowd of music enthusiasts and featured a star-studded lineup, including renowned artists such as Gorilla Zoe, DJ Bigg Sipp, Trap Beckham, King F.L.O, Lah Pat, Carrie Michelle and many more shaping the event. The celebration was a testament to the coalition’s dedication and their contribution to the thriving DMV music scene.


Although Rolling Loud weekend faced unfortunate circumstances leading to its cancellation of the celebrity basketball game, Logan H. James remained resilient and turned the situation into an networking opportunity and celebration. Despite the setback, the crew was seen partying and engaging with Love and Hip-Hop Miami music artist and tv reality stars such as Trina, Gunplay, Joy Young, and others. They enjoyed a night of good energy with DJ Alamo hosting the event.


During the celebratory Rolling Loud weekend, Logan H. James and the DMV Coalition DJs forged partnerships and associations with respected names in the industry. Notably, they were heavily associated with Nella Writes, a female A&R and PR known for her limited partnerships and collaborations, holding this as a special link. Cool and Calm record label was responding for supporting the squad in Miami. Additionally, they connected with Mackdelfino (PR), Touch’d By Eb an esthetician company, and Shots by Diamm, enhancing the overall experience of the event.


We just want to know who is Logan H. James?! and why is he everywhere “For Real For Real”.


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