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TyG3x From a prison cell to Recording booth

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I started off with nothing and turned it into something. The beauty about all of this is I did it all from my prison cell. Nobody believed in me, and everybody said it wouldn’t work. Now look at me I got a lil buzz and I’m gaining my recognition. I funded everything on my own and didn’t ask for not 1 handout. I really see myself working with artists like money man, finesse2tymes , yo gotti and gucci. I got project im working on rn called 3FEDERAL. If you from where I’m from and saw what I saw then you can relate. Im Just trying to get my voice heard like everybody else. The only difference is I’m gone put forth that effort and stay consistent. Don’t nothing beat the failure but a try. I finally understand that in this world it’ll always take money to make money. Invest in yourself and don’t never be afraid to fail or take a risk. If you ain’t failing you ain’t trying. And if you ain’t trying how will you ever know if it’ll work. In this business it’s 20%skill and 80%business.
I’ve always been a business man so wrapped my mind around the business aspect pretty quickly. When you’re politically involved around the right people you’re destined for a W. Everything life through at me I took with my head held high, my prison bid, the losses I took, the relationships I lost. Through everything I remained humble and kept trying, until I fishy got it right. In my song’s you can hear the pain, and relate to that struggle. When the judge gave me my time, everybody thought it was over but it’s just the beginning. I’m here for the long haul. Follow @iamtyg3x on Instagram

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