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J€AN-MARC’S “8 O 8” Rocks the Planet

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J€AN-MARC, a fast-rising music star, is making waves with his sensational track, “8 O 8”. With over 12.5 million streams on Spotify and 11 million views on YouTube, the track has topped the charts worldwide, peaking at #1 on the Spotify USA Top Viral 50 Chart and #8 on the Spotify WORLD Top Viral 50.

But there’s more to J€AN-MARC’s story than just this hit track. Born in Finland to an Ecuadorian father who spoke Spanish and English, J€AN-MARC was raised in Paterson, NJ, until he was 13. His family faced financial struggles, and when he turned 14, his parents were forced to send him and his sister to live with their grandparents in Finland. It was there that J€AN-MARC’s passion for music was born, and he began to build his first fanbase.

After eight years in Finland, including serving in the Finnish military, J€AN-MARC returned to New Jersey to continue his music career. His multicultural background and upbringing have given him international recognition, with his top five countries with the most listeners this past month being the USA, Germany, Canada, Poland, and France.

J€AN-MARC’s success has been hard-won. One of his biggest challenges was when he and his friends first decided to pursue rapping professionally. They didn’t have the necessary funds or connections, so J€AN-MARC invested in studio equipment and taught himself the fundamentals of audio engineering. He built his own platform of producers and artists by networking and pushing his creative output onto the market. Despite juggling school, work, and even military service, J€AN-MARC dedicated his spare time to his passion for music.

His dedication has paid off, and he recently signed a licensing deal with 10K Projects LA, solidifying his position as a true artist. This deal was due to the overwhelming success of “8 O 8” and the numerous offers he received from over 10 different major record label companies. The track also made lasting waves through the TikTok scene, where it received its initial spark of recognition. Now, J€AN-MARC can work in music full time and even operate his own videography/photography LLC, Vicious Visualz, on the side.

J€AN-MARC is more motivated than ever to tackle his music career headfirst. Looking to the future, he plans to concentrate on his artist development characteristically and musically, engaging his fan base on social media and releasing more consistent and quality content through his official music platforms. As a member of the music collective NKB: NEVER KNOW BEST, he sees the potential for the organization to evolve into a larger entity that provides all aspects of musical services, from audio engineering and beat leases to feature leases, merchandise, and clothing sub-brands. J€AN-MARC’s aspirations are simple: to continue growing as a talented and well-recognized artist in the music industry.

With “8 O 8” still going viral and topping charts, J€AN-MARC has added to his long line of successes with his new single, “BEEZ INDA TRAP”, featuring YXNG D.I and ALI FIERO. Like its predecessors, “BEEZ INDA TRAP” showcases a unique blend of beats, catchy lyrics, and an unforgettable hook, the hallmarks of a chart-topping hit.

From humble beginnings to international recognition, J€AN-MARC has shown that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. With his multicultural background, raw talent, dedication, and commitment to his craft, J€AN-MARC is poised to become a major force in the music industry. Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to blaze his path to success.

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