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Samuel Van Jr., also known as $ammy $osa has just released one of his most vulnerable projects yet. The melody is titled, “ROLLER COASTER”, which is very symbolic of what it speaks to. The New Orleans artist collaborated once more with celebrity videographer, life coach and marketing expert, Hollywood Pompeii, and his partner, Hollywood Jamie James, from the video production company, Hollywood Pompeii Studios, also known as Team Hollywood. James is the director of the Hollywood Pompeii Studios facility, who specializes in writing, graphic arts and digital creation.

The visual for the song consists of Sosa performing scenes in an orange jumpsuit inside diverse areas of Hollywood Pompeii Studios, two scenes in specific were recorded within the white room set of the warehouse, and the other near the payphone set in studio A of the facility. Florida’s own rap artist, 12 Honcho, also makes an appearance within the video, accompanying Sosa at the payphone for the jail scene. As the visual moves, Sosa can be seen in his bedroom, with a hybrid of the orange jumpsuit and his normal clothing. The scenes moreover depict a very intense blend of fantasy and reality, battling evil presences from inside on a day by day premise, which were outlined beautifully and precisely through the design and abilities of Hollywood Pompeii, as Sosa contends with his significant other, Abby Amant, who too makes a special appearance in the video, within his room. Sosa is frequently clashing with unhealthy substances to manage the evil presences that he fights.

The overall message to this visual is to raise mindfulness on how overpowering life can be towards one’s mental stability. Everyone is battling their own set of evil presences that stem from past and present traumas. Because, in most cases it’s difficult to know the distinction between the illusions of anxiety from the realities of life. Our minds tend to wander, but it’s our duty to remain on course and take care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. We commend Sammy Sosa for his contribution to the mental health community through the making of “ROLLER COASTER”.

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