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IVRYY, the new ambitious R&B soul singer is here to rock the billboard.

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IVRYY: The New Ambitious R&B Soul Singer Is Hungry For Success
It’s a fortune that people around you could notice your innate talent early. And that’s exactly what happens to Ivory Liana, one of the most ambitious new R&B soul singers in the chart.
She has talent, that’s nothing to question about. However, it’s her mom who noticed it first. Her mom used to drive for hours around the block so just she could sing herself till she was asleep, “I was told that I started singing before I was talking,” Ivory said. That’s exactly how her mom realized that Ivory got a knack for singing.
Because of that, she got her shot first at the church when she was around 7 or 8. It was one of the most memorable and significant performances that Ivory could remember. She sang the song “Greatest Love Of All,” by Whitney Houston. Since then, at that moment, she knew that music and performing were the two things she couldn’t live without and she is not willing to stop.
Fast forward to 2023, she is now an ambitious R&B soul singer who is really hungry for success. She has released some incredibly emotional and soulful songs since then. From “Trippin,” “One Time Thing,” “Busy,” and “At My Best,” just to name a few.
All of her songs are inspired by real-life events, whether hers or her friends. It is the nitty-gritty of life and all about it that can make her song so incredibly powerful and emotional. It’s the closeness and empathy emitted through her song that enables them to pierce through the heart of the listeners deeply. Without a doubt, she is a soulful R&B soul singer.
When the creative process of her song started, she could get lost for hours in songs and instrumentals. To get the drops of inspiration and let her heart do what it could, to instill the essence of emotions within her inspiration into music and lyrics. That’s how she could produce such emotional songs that are close to our hearts.
Here’s a fragment of “One Time Thing,”
This should’ve been a one time thing
He’s always in his feelings when he gets around me
But I won’t get caught up in none of his schemes

She is honest, she is brilliant, she is Ivory Liana a.k.a IVRYY. Who sooner or later is bound to kick it up a notch to jump in the top chart of the billboard.
She got nothing on the schedule right now, but don’t fret, cuz it’s gonna be too late. Go listen to all her songs and follow her and all her social media right now to get the latest news.

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