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Horace Tempo’s “Duet of Dualities” Explores the Dualities of Love and Life

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Beninese producer and artist Horace Tempo has released his latest EP, “Duet of Dualities.” The project is a cohesive and emotionally resonant exploration of the dualities of love and life.


The EP opens with the track “Only You and Me,” a lush and atmospheric ballad about the beauty of love. The song features the vocals of GREYLEE, a talented singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Tempo’s production is lush and atmospheric, creating a soundscape that perfectly complements GREYLEE’s soulful vocals.


The second track, “Cheater,” is a more uptempo song about the pain of heartbreak. Tempo’s production is more aggressive and danceable, reflecting the anger and frustration of the lyrics. Tempo’s production is upbeat and infectious, reflecting the positive message of the song.


The third track, “Get Out of My Mind,” is a powerful anthem of self-empowerment. The song is about moving on from a toxic relationship and finding strength within oneself. Tempo’s production is driving and empowering, perfectly complementing the message of the song.


The EP closes with the track “Hater Gonna Hate,” a bold declaration of defiance. The song is about overcoming the obstacles that life throws your way and never giving up on your dreams. The song features a guest appearance from R&B artist kAui (Kuh-why) from New York, who adds his own unique flow to the track.


“Duet of Dualities” is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant project that explores the dualities of love and life. Tempo’s production is lush and atmospheric, and the vocals of GREYLEE and collaboration with kAui are simply stunning. If you’re looking for a project that will make you think and feel, then “Duet of Dualities” is definitely worth checking out.


In addition to his music, Tempo is not just a rising producer, but also a passionate artist dedicated to empowering and mentoring emerging talents, using his platforms to provide guidance and opportunities for the next generation of artists. Tempo is a true artist, and his music is a powerful force for good in the world.


If you’re not familiar with Horace Tempo, we highly recommend checking out his music. He is a talented producer and artist with a lot to offer. “Duet of Dualities” is a great place to start, but we encourage you to explore his entire discography. You won’t be disappointed.


Embark on a transformative sonic journey with Horace Tempo and experience firsthand the power and allure of his music.


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