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June off 35th “BAD GUY” (Music Video)

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June off 35th is an exciting up and coming artist from Milwaukee that has been making his presence felt early on this year. In the month of May, he’s been busy dropping first his debut collab album “JUNE & JIGG OFF 35TH” with JIGG GIMMEME, and followed that up a couple of days later, releasing two singles in “SPOT EM GOT EM FS” and “BAD GUY.”

“BAD GUY” is an electrifying single that showcases June off 35th‘s distinctive style and lyrical prowess. With hard-hitting beats and infectious melodies, the track instantly grabs listeners’ attention and refuses to let go. June off 35th’s commanding presence and dynamic delivery make every line resonate with passion and authenticity.

Complementing the powerful single is the accompanying visual experience for “BAD GUY.” June off 35th proves his ability to captivate audiences not only through his music but also through his visual storytelling. The music video brings the song’s narrative to life, immersing viewers in a fun cinematic journey.

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