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R&B / HipHop artist SoCandy is creating a major breakthrough into the music industry

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SoCandy whose birth name is Candace Thompson grew up in the small town of O’Fallon, Illinois. She began her career as a gymnast ultimately landing a spot as a professional cheerleader for the Houston Texans. Throughout her career, her passion for entertainment and creative performances lead to a thrive for more interactions with large crowds of people. She grew up with various musical talents but finding a balance between her love for gymnastics and her passion for music was the challenge. Over the course of some time, she began challenging herself in the studio creating different styles of records as she built her social media following via her fitness workouts and photos. As her followers became thirsty for more of what SoCandy had to offer, she slowly eased in her music to her fans. The collision caused what was once a following of fitness to a thriving growing community SoCandy music lovers.

Fans immediately started sharing the likeness of SoCandy music all over social media eventually capturing the attention of multi platinum producers, song writers, promoters, other artists, genuine music lovers and more. Once SoCandy seen the light of possibilities and success in the music industry, she packed up from Texas and moved to Atlanta Ga to actively pursue a music career. Moving to Atlanta helped her transition from the internet sensation to someone promoters and fans were able to see in real life. She began networking with various connections that lead her to creating quality notable records. Also it opened doors for her to perform on various stages alongside replicable music stars mainstream and independent. She has blessed multiple stages and events in Atlanta and surrounding areas, such as BonFire Atl, UME Summit and many more. Also performed in venues across multiple cities and states in the U.S.

She had an astonishing breakthrough performance during Austin Tx SXSW Festival where she broke her soon to be single entitled “CANDY” alongside PBE PLUTO and TRAP BECKHAM. SoCandy was originally introduced on a stage live during a set PBE PLUTO was having at a venue in AUSTIN TX where she performed her single “CANDY” as PBE PLUTO MC’d the record during his show set. The record took the fans by storm ultimately causing more people to become aware of SoCandy movement and began to stay updated on the rest of the events she was a part of. She began gaining more and more momentum after each performance. Fans followed to every venue reciting SoCandy’s song “CANDY” word for word during her performances. She was set to only perform at one event during SXSW which was TRAP BECKHAM “FCK IT FEST” but after the first introduction on PBE PLUTO set the fans were overly requesting her on every performance PBE PLUTO had set during SXSW. SoCandy’s “CANDY” is a reconstruction of the version of candy released by “CAMEO in 1986.

The record was produced by RIAA CERTIFIED GOLD artist, producer & songwriter TRAP BECKHAM who is responsible for the song “BIRTHDAY CHICK” which was released under DEFJAM RECORDS and recognized by the RIAA as a CERTIFIED GOLD record in 2020. SoCandy has worked with platinum producer MR. HANKY who is also responsible for various hit records. Currently SoCandy is gearing up a definite rollout for her debut and official release of her single “CANDY”. FOLLOW SoCandy on all platforms for more updates on shows, releases and more.

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