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Kia Kërr Flexes Vocal Range on I’ll Take The Rain

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There is a good chance you’ve heard Kia Kërr’s new single, I’ll Take The Rain or if you have been in the Atlanta area, saw her face on 1 of many Billboards posted to promote her latest release in her hometown of Atlanta, GA. I’ll Take The Rain has amassed over 100 thousand online streams since it’s release Friday. If you haven’t heard of her, it’s probably due to her decision to walk away from a deal with a major label back in 2013. In a move that might puzzle most aspiring musicians, she decided to give it up and go at it alone. Why? That label loved her voice, but wanted artistic control over what she looked like and the music she sung.

Kia Kërr doesn’t use explicit language in her music, but don’t confuse her for a Gospel artist. Instead, Kia opts to singing about both the struggles and joys of life as they happen, according to her Bio on streaming platforms. Her music takes us back to a simpler time in music where songs weren’t shortened to maximize streaming revenue (I’ll Take The Rain is 4:48 long, well over the average of 3:30 of all songs and 2:30 of hit songs in 2022). Kia uses the entire 4:48 to effortlessly showcase her elite vocals to convey a cleverly crafted song.

The comment section of her verified Instagram praised the “I’ll Take The Rain” singer for her impressive vocal chops.

“You look and sound like an angel send from heaven PS God bless you and your family and fans too.” wrote one user.

“Currently on replay @kiakerr your vocals are top tier!” another user wrote.

“Before she (Kia) joined Dividend, she made it clear that she was only interested in being herself. Music has changed so much recently and artists are now able to go direct to consumer. There will always be a lane for her because she is trail blazing that lane.” Keefe of Dividend Music Group said.

Trailblazing her unique musical path is underway as I’ll Take The Rain has outperformed releases from wider known artists on some streaming platforms that released on the same date

— including four time grammy nominee, Tamar Braxton’s latest single Changed. The song, which interpolates SWV’s hit “Rain,” debuts at No. 15 on the R&B Digital Song Sales list. According to Billboard, the chart reflects “the week’s most popular downloaded songs, ranked by sales data as compiled by Luminate.”

“To hear Kia is to love Kia. She really puts the music first. Acclaim, streams and even the business at times all come second to her love for creating and sharing her music with the world” said Keefe.

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