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Shotboy Is The Hottest New Artist From The 617

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Shotboy is a Boston-based artist who has been making music for over 10 years. He is a talented rapper, rock and R&B artist, and sometimes even delves into the drill genre. Shotboy is a family man who draws inspiration from the youth and people who have overcome struggles. He strives to be a better version of himself each day.

Shotboy’s music has gained recognition and popularity, and he has been able to collaborate with other talented artists from his city. Although he is not signed to a label, Shotboy has been able to make his music available to his fans through distribution deals.

One of Shotboy’s biggest supporters is his mom, who is his number one fan, and his family. As he gains more recognition and support from his fans, Shotboy continues to work on his craft and release new music. He recently released a mixtape called “Running out of time,” and he is currently working on another project called “GRIND SEASON,” which is set to be released in May.

Shotboy has performed for a significant crowd at the Atlanta All-Star Weekend, and he hopes to travel to Paris to perform someday. He would also love to tour with Lil Baby and work with Young Thug. Shotboy’s music is produced by Neezy Beats and Marco El Mago, and he writes and creates his music video concepts.

In five years, Shotboy sees himself as a successful artist, and his music will continue to inspire and motivate others. Shotboy is proof that hard work and determination can lead to success in the music industry.

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