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Trigg The Ruler Creates Platform “The Code Orange” for Upstate NY

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Trigg The Ruler has founded his own Youtube platform, The Code Orange, to highlight talent across NY state. The Code Orange will focus on creating original content with artists both signed & upcoming. In addition to making content with artists, they will also be covering live events & hosting annual festivals for artists to perform.

The idea of creating The Code Orange first came about in 2021. Trigg, a former rapper, needed to fill the void of missing outlets for artists to be heard in Upstate. With all the big companies being in NYC it has always been harder for upstate artists to get on compared to artists closer to the big city.

With The Code Orange, upcoming artists will have the chance to featured on the same platform as bigger artists who are signed to majors.

After the initial start in 2021, founder Trigg the ruler, was incarcerated for a year. In his absence the platform was restructured with the help of friends Jamie Kriences, Seth Dollar, Harrison Singer & Andaiya Hudson. In January of 2023 Trigg was released & The Code Orange was officially relaunched with Andaiya also known as Daiya Tené being listed as Co-Founder.

So far the biggest interview on the channel is with Polo G signee & Syracuse native Scorey. The interview was filmed right before the incarceration of Trigg The Ruler. The Video has since then reached 56,000 views and is Scorey’s second most viewed interview. The first interview since the re-launch & release of Trigg comes with Rochester artist Rx Papi, whom Trigg actually met while incarcerated. Since being uploaded the video has garnished 11.6k views in 13 days.

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