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LDG Is LIKE X Shoddy Boi – Small City Struggle

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With a lot of hustler’s ambition, mutual respect, and popularity, established lyricists LDG Is Like and Shoddy Boi unite to exchange stories about their come-up and more in the release of the new collaboration project, titled Small City Struggle.

Released on Won Love Records, Small City Struggle features 13 new songs, including standout cuts “Where I Live,” “Set Us Free,” and “Mind Right.” The duo’s crafty lyrics over the gritty production center around their undeniable chemistry that fans will enjoy from beginning to end. As the two’s fanbases blend together, it’s the perfect opportunity for fans to explore, convert, and begin to follow the respective artists’ future projects.

Small City Struggle comes on the heels of both artists’ release of recent projects. Shoddy’s latest album, Free City, was released at the top of the year, simultaneously with LDG’s latest EP, Riddle Me This. If you are looking to add some refreshing lyricism to your playlist, look no further than the latest collaboration.

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