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Live From London: EP Natalie Nunn is in her International Expansion Bag

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After weeks of intense training, Natalie and The Zeus Network Team have landed in London to put on the sporting event of a lifetime with her Producer and cast mate Tommie Lee of Baddies, in conjunction with the champ himself, Floyd MAYWEATHER.

This fight is yet another endeavor that will add to the already powerful position Nunn has taken in a Male-Dominated industry.

Over the last year, and since developing a Lucrative Partnership with The wildly popular Zeus Network, The World of Reality TV has witnessed Natalie Nunn transition from an On-Air Talent into the ultimate position of power as she settled into her Most Successful Endeavor to date as Show Creator and Executive Producer of The Highly-Viewed and Controversial “BADDIES” & “BAD BOY” Shows. As a result, she’s quickly become one of The Most Notable Faces of The Zeus Network Family and one of The Highest Earning Executive producers in the Entertainment Industry, Male or Female.

Nunn’s Publicist, Chadd Black, recently stated:

“Natalie is undoubtedly one of the Hardest Working Women in Entertainment today. I believe 2023 does not limit what she can achieve through her hard work, vision, and commitment to entertaining the masses internationally!”

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