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Recording Artist, DrunkenLover Releases EP Featuring Raekwon and Paul Wall

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DrunkenLover is a recording artist and artist living in Texas. He remains determined and genuine with his endeavors. DrunkenLover has maintained his commitment to excellence and the motivations of those around him. DrunkenLover discusses his future plans and the driving forces behind his perseverance. “My EP “ We Are What We Are” releases February 16, 2023 featuring Raekwon and Paul Wall. Im working on multiple EPs that will be released throughout the year, one of which im working with DJ Menace. Making songs with Raekwon and Paul Wall is definitely a Big highlight so far. I’ve been working hard and staying true to myself. Also all the times I hit the stage and the crowd screams my lyrics back at me. It’s the best feeling in the world to have that type of interaction with the fans.” DrunkenLover has been focused on his work and has maintained his consistency throughout the years by collaborating with big names.

Known as having integrity, loyalty, and an ambitious artist overall, DrunkenLover is now focusing on keeping up his motivating grind so that he may expand upon his present success and continue to serve as an inspiration to others. He offers guidance about some important aspects of his grind and his inspiration. “This is my passion, it’s all I do, it’s all I think about daily. I’m constantly bettering myself with my delivery and lyrics, thinking of new flows and sounds. Staying focused on who I am and what I want in life. Struggles will always come, you just have to know that they will pass as long as you keep your eyes set on the bigger picture.” DrunkenLover constantly retains his focus on the end result, which he is aware is crucial if he wants to succeed. DrunkenLover has made the correct decision and remains steadfast.

What is one thing you would like to be remembered for?

The Love I Give

What is one thing you would like to do to give back to the city that you are from?

A SuperBowl Championship

What other talents are you good at?

I like to edit videos every now and again whether it’s for personal vlogs or some type of promo. I ride my motorcycle regularly and play pool often.

What do you have coming up right now that you want others to know about?

My EP “We Are What We Are” releases February 16, 2023 it features Raekwon and Paul Wall. The EP consists of 5 songs that connect as a whole story, it is a versatile project with each song representing the 7 deadly sins.

Who were the most influential people in your life?

Kanye, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Outkast, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Drake, Mac Miller.

The diverse creative, DrunkenLover, explains more on the struggles he has overcome to be where he is at. DrunkenLover keeps going because he knows that his hardships have made him stronger. “I have dealt with pressure by staying true to myself, keeping my head high and rolling with the punches.” Motivation is not an issue for DrunkenLover, and he keeps a positive attitude no matter what he deals with. “Once I hit the stage most people are surprised by the talent I put out. So being who I am already is what separates me from the others. Let go of your insecurities, don’t let anyone hold you back from being the best version of yourself. Show love even when it seems impossible. Find happiness by any means.”

DrunkenLover went on to remark that his passion for music will always be a driving force in his life and that important persons in his life had a significant effect on his career. He says that his own passion and inspiration has gotten him where he is today. DrunkenLover views himself as an ambitious artist who has become more of an inspiration and a go-getter to others because of his work ethic and determination. Others look up to him. The emphasis of DrunkenLover’s concentration is now on continuing to pursue his musical profession in order to build his already strong foundation even further than it is already. DrunkenLover has his sights set on the prize and realizes that in order to be successful, one must not only invest in oneself, but also in those who will invest in you in exchange for their efforts on his behalf.

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