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XIIIM’s Sensual Single “Deja Vu”

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XIIIM is an up and coming R&B/Hip Hop artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His latest single, “Deja Vu,” is a sensual track that blends the sounds of South American musical styles with modern hip-hop production.

On “Deja Vu,” XIIIM lyrically succeeds in steering clear of generic trap clichés, instead exploring themes of love and desire. The song is a story of finding someone so captivating they appear to be familiar in ways that can only be described as “Deja Vu.” XIIIM croons out vivid images of his love at first sight and enthralls listeners with his captivating flow and sensual production.

The single begins with an enchanted guitar lick, and a timbale-like drum that hypnotized me immediately. XIIIM quickly catches the listener’s attention with his smooth and melodic delivery. Following the release of “Stalker,” “Run”, and “Parachute”, the latest single sets up a new trilogy of emotions. This time, with a brighter outlook and a more refined palette, our hero embarked on a love story that hopefully leads him back to center.

“Deja Vu” drops on 2/3/23 under his label, Rock & Flow Music Group.

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