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Zoot ATL’s latest hip-hop sensation unleashes a delectable 4 track EP, ZOOTLANTA

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Zoot, a Persian-born artist and entrepreneur based in Atlanta,
Georgia, has harnessed the powerful healing effects of music from an early
age. At nine years old, he taught himself to play the flute, xylophone, and
santoor – instruments that have echoed throughout his life ever since.
Faced with limited freedom in Iran at thirteen, Zoot moved to America;
shortly after recording songs on his iPhone, he noticed these had
therapeutic qualities for him and those who listened. Understanding this
power allowed Zoot to create unique music filled with impactful resonance,
inspiring others through its innovative melodies while striving towards
mental stability within a new culture.

Zoot takes his years of experience studying classical music and infuses it
into the structure of hip-hop. As a result, everything about his approach
feels fresh. From the beats to the production itself, there is a thoughtfulness
to how he forges his path. Much of this can be attributed to his close
connection with countless producers, from Arman Miladi to Saintkeys to
Mikey Beats. There is a lot from their work that has filtered into his

His upbringing includes multiple continents, cultures, and attitudes. The
way he frames these elements to form their unique perspective speaks to a
subtle glance he shoots across to the listener. Lyrics cascade, building one
on top of the other. Word choice further accentuates this duality. On the
one hand, there is a look back upon the past, whether through his

instrumentation or simply an acknowledgment of hip-hop’s roots as a way
to form a community. On the other hand, the more contemporary structure
of the experience draws from a deep dissatisfaction with the status quo, as
if the people have been brought well beyond their breaking point. Much of it
has this verve, one that feels undeniably real.

With his distinctive mixture of protest music, conscious hip-hop, and more,
Zoot proves to be an individual with their finger on the world’s pulse at this
precise moment.

With his new 4-track EP, Zootlanta, the artist tantalizes listeners with a
taste of his astounding musical talent. This teaser will leave fans eagerly
awaiting what’s yet to come from this artist!

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