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Meet Emerging Artist True Zoe Who’s Paving His Way To The Top

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Music is a universal language. It knows no boundaries, language barriers or preferences. It is the one thing that we can’t live without because it brings people together from different cultures and backgrounds.Countless aspiring musicians have tried to make a name in the music industry, but only a chosen few have actually attained success in the field.The music industry has no end of talent as we see so many aspiring artists rising on social media every day. The platform has opened a world of opportunities for aspiring talent to find their audiences from any corner of the world. Despite such a reach, most rising stars are often lost in the steep competition of the industry.

True Zoe is a well known independent artist. A Haiti native, born in Port Au Prince, Zoe came up in low income housing forcing him into the streets at an early age. After his parents sent him to France for a better life, he got heavily involved in the rap game. Multilingual and multitalented, Zoe created an amazing body of work gaining attention from other Haitian artists like Kodak Black, Jackboy, Lil Zoe, Booba, Khaotic Haitian Fresh, & Gatoe. Although new to Miami, True Zoe is positioned to take over the music scene.

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