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Australian Jamaican DJ Releases first Dance Track

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“Stickmen Toys Rock” was composed using various IP samples from a major NFT music project led by Warner Records and Bose.

A virtual artist and Brisbane based DJ is set to create history with the release of a music track that was composed using a range of samples from one of 2022’s biggest NFT music projects.

“Stickmen Toys Rock” is the work of acclaimed virtual artist Dasvibes — also known as music producer DJ Wade.

The track is just the latest in a string of music releases by Dasvibes, many of which were created using similar musical themes and NFT music samples.

This latest track is Dasvibes’s first foray into the electronic dance genre, and it’s expected to perform well across all the major streaming platforms. Wade composed the track by piecing together a selection of IP samples from a huge NFT Music and Web3 project led by Warner Records UK and speaker brand Bose.

Music NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital certificates of ownership that rely on blockchain technology. In the age of music streaming and dwindling royalties for artists, music NFTs are seen as a way for artists to bypass traditional ownership models used by the leading labels.

Stickmen Toys are the subject of Dasvibes’s latest release, and they’re already proving very popular. This free-to-mint collection of 5,000 utility-enabled audio-visual NFTs was developed by Warner Records UK and Bose.

And the track represents a momentous event in the history of recorded music. That’s because Warner Records is the first major music label to provide ownership of the IP. Owning a Stickmen Toy delivers a range of benefits, including access to future Warner Records NFT releases, brand collaborations and an exclusive range of merchandise.

“Stickmen Toys Rock” represents yet another milestone in the inspiring story of Australian Jamaican DJ Wade. The successful virtual artist got his big break in the business way back in the early 1990s. Although he had to play on his brother Bobby’s sound system, Wade immediately caught the performance bug.

After developing his style at a range of venues, Wade’s next big milestone was reached on a Seaview Gardens-based sound system called Dub Sonic. His love for technology and music combined to push Wade into studying IT at Kingston College in 1998.

The self-motivated DJ graduated in 2001. And ever the ambitious artist, he immediately started his own music label with his brother Bobby and best friend Michael from Germany. Following a string of successes that included five critically acclaimed projects and several collaborations, Wade migrated to Australia in 2009 to pursue a more lucrative career in IT.

The inspirational DJ’s heartwarming story continued in his home country. He soon became a mobile application developer, yet he always found the time and energy to pursue his great love in life — being a creative DJ. Since 2010, Wade has released several original tracks under the Dasvibes name and has performed at venues in New Zealand, Japan, UAE and his adopted home of Australia.

Wade is excited to see the public’s reaction to his groundbreaking new track when it’s released in late January 2023. He said: “This is a very exciting time to get involved in music NFTs. Some of the world’s most famous recording artists are now getting involved. Eminem and Muse are just some of the artists heavily involved in the NFT scene, so I think this is a great time to be launching such a groundbreaking track.

“To be working with Bose and Warner Records UK is a source of great pride for me and my collaborators. Getting access to such a huge library of IP samples allowed me to embark on one of the most exciting creative journeys of my life.

“Amazing things can happen when technology, music and art come together at the same time. And the fact that Stickmen Toys’ free-to-mint strategy allows us to generate revenue from secondary sales allows artists like me to keep making music.”

Dasvibes’ first electronic dance music single — “Stickmen Toys Rock” — has a release date of January 27, 2023.

About Dasvibes
Dasvibes is the alter-ego of APRA AMCOS member and Brisbane based Australian Jamaican DJ Wade. Renowned for his unique style, live performances and original use of music samples, this critically acclaimed artist has managed to fuse musical themes from his native Jamaica and home country of Australia — creating an inimitable sound of his own.


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