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WATR – Citizen App Feat. Kembe X (Live Performance)

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Without a doubt, music is a form of communication that knows no bounds. Musicians may be powerful agents of social progress. It’s common knowledge that many musicians advocate for various causes, the vast majority of which aim to improve people’s lives by spreading optimism, positivism, and love. WATR, a phenomenal songwriter and artist from Compton who spreads happiness via his work, is becoming noticed by the music world.

WATR has a natural talent for imagination. It’s only natural for him to be enthusiastic about music; writing and performing songs, and seeing the joy on his audience members’ faces, gives him one of the nicest emotions possible. What sets WATR apart is the unique way he injects his own ideas, passion, and emotions into his music. Already, he is well-known for his exceptional songwriting skills. He has worked with many different musicians, including Eric Bellinger, Nipsey Hussle, Wale, Jeremih, Mozzy, Tory Lanez, and Symba. Eric Bellinger was instrumental in WATR’s first breakthrough in the music industry. His fame continues to climb in the music industry. Follow him on his Instagram @rip.watr

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