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Bodayga Drizz Leaves Everything Holding Him Back in the New Year Banger “Cheers” Ft. Anoyd

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“Ion care about who wasn’t there/ Ion care if life wasn’t fair/ put them bottles in the fuckin air/ pvo or I’m a leave ya ass in last year” – the words of Bodayga Drizz on his latest single, “Cheers.”

Juanito Ortiz aka Bodayga Drizz came up in New Haven Connecticut and is shining the spotlight on New England with his music and growing fame in the industry. His life is a testament to grind, perseverance, and a change in mindset. Four years ago, Bodayga Drizz was out of the music business, and now, just within 6 months of being back, he has yet another hit single on his hands. With the continued buzz around his project “It’s Never 2 Late,” the intro track “Cheers” is the latest release with the addition of talented Emcee, Anoyd who rocks the mic with a flow that just completes the single.

“Cheers” came at the inspiration of New Year’s Eve as 2022 was approaching. Bodayga Drizz would be drawn to an instrumental by GC beats as he was listening to instrumentals while getting ready for a night out. Recording the hook and a verse within 30 minutes, his engineer Drew (Broadway) mixed the track to perfection immediately after. Still, something was missing, and that missing piece of the puzzle was Anoyd, whom Bodayga Drizz heard in November 2022 at a Chris Webby show in New Haven, CT with his manager Ray Doze.

“Cheers” is a declaration of change. Not the superficial ‘new year new me’ mantra, but wanting to leave the problems and persons attached to negativity in the past. Bodayga Drizz has endured a lot, from the streets to prison, and this single marks the point where his future is one of improvement, opportunities, and success. It can be the inspiration for your year too, check out “Cheers” off Bodayga Drizz’s project, “It’s Never 2 Late.”






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