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Tanerélle & ZAIA Join SIM On #SAMSARA

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SIM enlists LA based R&B vocalist Tanerélle and ATL native Hip-Hop artist ZAIA for “SAMSARA.” Following 2021 quickstrikes “WORMHOLE” & “KARMA,” the intergalactic being sonically details the bittersweet reality of multiverse lovers whose romantic journey has come to an end. As the self-produced track progresses, memories of many past lives instantly flood into the couple’s current state of consciousness; allowing them to recognize their intimate relationship spans beyond this world.

In a press statement, collaborator Tanerélle reveals:

“When SIM reached out to me about SAMSARA, I was so overcome with joy. We got to create a song about a concept I believe so deeply in, our lives; this one, the ones before, the ones that’ll come after, and the love we encounter in each one. It’s such an incredible tribute to love in all its forms.”

A Sirius star-system lightworker, SIM’s heroic story began when they saved their home planet from corruption as well as self-destruction by using audio frequency as a way to raise the overall frequency of the planet’s inhabitants. SIM vowed to use their wisdom and techniques to enlighten other planets in need. With a message of love, SIM has arrived on Earth in these dire times to remind us of the truth: we are one, we are divine.

Take a listen to “SAMSARA” via 110Hz / The Orchard.

Twitter: @whois_SIM | @tanerelle | @zaiavibes

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