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Detroit artist, Fokie Dope, gets back on the scene after a slight hiatus

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Detroit artist, Fokie Dope, gets back on the scene after a slight hiatus. The 6 Mile native dropped us off two singles and came back into the business presenting his label, Stereo Academy. He also announced his new EP that is on the way, entitled The Okami Tape Vol. 2.

Fokie granted us early access to two singles from his upcoming EP. One entitled “Paupers”, and another entitled “Say Sum”. They are just as expected, dope!

The record “Paupers” expresses Fokie’s lyricism and wordplay. With a unique flow over synth baselines, atmospheric, orchestra and string based futuristic sounding chords, this record really stands out to be ahead of its time. The top melodies in the production of the instrumental bring a whole new feeling to certain parts of the record, it’s a rollercoaster of a song as many emotions can be felt while listening. You can really feel this song in your soul. The drum patterns bring a punch with every punchline. The way Fokie articulates his lyricism really makes you envision a whole story playing out in your head. We can confidently say, “Paupers” is on its way to being one of Fokie’s most played songs in his catalog. We can’t wait for the release!

With “Say Sum”, Fokie takes a different approach. With a more melodic, “plug music” type of vibe, he proves his versatility with the music he can create. Production wise, the song takes a simple chord progression route created with various, full sounding pads. It’s atmospheric nature is calming and also catchy. The record possesses hard hitting 808s, percussion patterns, and triangles to add variety to the listener’s ear. Again, Fokie slides on this beat with his lyricism and punchlines but this time with a more melodic flow. The room in the instrumental gives Fokie Dope more opportunity to showcase his unique sound. The hook of the song is super catchy and we believe it could be played and enjoyed in many different environments. This record is going to be big!

Taking a hiatus from music and jumping back into it is not an easy thing to do but we don’t believe Fokie should run into any issues, at all. Coming back on the scene with his newly founded label and planning to release his EP, Fokie is definitely positioning himself to take over.

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