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California Rapper Rakan Ayyoub Is Representing The United States Of America

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Originally from Orange County California, rapper & influencer Rakan Ayyoub has been tearing up the L.A. music scene. Rakan Ayyoub has given every breath of his living flesh and spirit, creating only elite records while consistently working on ways to up the ante for his fans. With a growing pool of listeners longing for new tracks from Rakan, now is the perfect time to hop on board with the movement that displays never ending growth.

In 2022, the list of daily tasks for an artist trying to break out into the mainstream is far different than it was a few short years ago. Rappers nowadays spend most of their time on the internet, interacting with their fanbase & creating content to reach new fans. For Rakan Ayyoub, he employs all new industry methods while still, somehow, keeping his hold on the old school way: word of mouth marketing tactics. He spends his days recording music & studying, traveling back and forth from O.C. to L.A. to attend writing / recording sessions and to network with other superstars. His new single “Rooted In Me”, was released September 16th, 2022, and touches on the strength required to stay motivated as an artist in the current climate of the industry.

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