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From the Church to the Trap to the Pen to the Streets to the Industry

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“What’s a legacy? Fuck dying a legend. When I die I just want to be happy.” With this simple yet telling quote from one of her raps, Bigg KC Official provides the WHY for her WHAT. She raps, not to become famous, but to speak a message that will resonate with others, who like her, deserve to be heard. With those words, she reaches both into her own past to heal it and into her future to secure it by blessing up and paying it forward. Don’t hibernate on this bear, and don’t skip out on this rock here!

Bigg KC Official reps Laurel, Florida, specifically, where her family name means “business” and getting profit is the agenda. Although she started singing with gospel, she evolved into her true self at 19 and forged her own path in the music world. A few years of legal troubles, prison time served, and probations only served to strengthen her resolve to share her gifts with the world whenever opportunities presented themselves. And if they didn’t present themselves, she was determined to create them herself.

Bigg KC Official’s first official public performance in Tampa, Florida three years ago proved to be the catalyst for her artistic career. The shouting and singing crowd, dancing and reciting her lyrics, raised Bigg KC Official’s awareness of her own talent and ability to generate energy through her lyrics and presence. Screams of the audience and being followed outside the venue by autograph-requesting fans after her performance showed Bigg KC Official that this street was definitely one to travel to fulfill her dreams and purpose. Bigg KC Official states that her biggest dream is “to move, inspire and impact people’s lives and moods” on a global scale. According to the singles and videos she is dropping, that dream is being boldly tracked one musically imprinted step at a time. Indeed, her smile and charisma breaks down walls and creates space for others to be heard while they are yet listening to her fire. Humble but fierce, her resilient strength comes from within, but her external support comes in other forms. Keep your eyes and ears perked up for the power in Bigg KC Official.

We took some time to get to know Bigg KC in depth. Take a look at our interview with Bigg KC below.

1. Where are you from?
Laurel, FL

2. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?
Yes traveling & hustling getting to the money.

3. What first got you into music
My family has been music oriented before I was born. I sang in the church choir growing up. My big sister inspired me to actually record my own music.

4. What’s next for you?

More music to quench my growing fan base. Look out for me at big stages and festivals soon.

5. Any additional information/key notes-

I’m from Florida but I did 3 and a half years in Michigan state prison for a robbery and since I been released and off papers since 2020 I been out here grinding, getting it.

6. Tell us about your latest project/single (release date, title, tours, etc)
“WILD CHILD” EP on ALL platforms

7. Give us 2 quotes from yourself
“If being broke what y’all call real, then Ima die fake”

”What’s a legacy? Fuck dying a legend. When I die I just want to be happy.”

8. Who is your dream collab?
Nicki Minaj

9. What are your most newsworthy mentions?
I went from doing time for my crime to being worthy of XXL Freshmen list

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