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The Rise of Wizdakidd: The 24-Year-Old Producer Turned Rapper

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While it may seem easy to pursue a music career, making it to the top can be a challenging journey due to the industry’s competition. The legendary artists garnering millions of hits on YouTube or streaming on the top-ranked platforms represent a small percentage of those who broke through to make headlines in the music airwaves.

Wizdakidd is a California-based rapper who faced many challenges while growing up but did not let them define him or dictate his future. He remained resilient and worked through the obstacles to become a renowned artist.

Wizdakidd was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi in 1998, as Joseph T. Gordon Jr. He lost his parents at a young age and was raised by his grandparents. Wizdakidd graduated from Clarksdale High School in 2016. He started producing tracks for his early mixtapes in his dorm room during his first year in college at Jackson State University. After a flurry of increasingly strong mixtapes, most notably 2021’s, Numa, the producer made his major-label leap with 2021’s, The Loner Returns XL.

Wizdakidd started his label, WDK Records, from the ground up. He kicked off early 2021 with a string of similar mixtapes, Safely to The Moon, Soul Snatcher 6, S.S.7, and S.S.X., that continued to chart his sound and featured collaborations with NemRaps and many more. While his lyrics are sometimes aggressive and soulful, they feel like a natural step in the evolution of southern Hip-Hop songs, echoing both Young Thug & Gunna, Lil Baby, and other Southern rappers.

The producer-turned-rapper has over 25 million streams across all platforms and is proud to secure a paid partnership with rapper, Gunna, of YSL on Instagram. Nonetheless, he works behind the scenes and doesn’t like showing his face. He stated, “I never show my face, but you will hear me and like what you hear. In rap, it’s about the fancy life and the flashy videos, but I don’t show my face and have millions of streams, which makes me different. Some people say I’m a ghost.”

The 24-year-old artist shared one of the many challenges he faced in Mississippi when laying the ground for his music career. “Making it out of my hometown of Clarksdale, Mississippi, was one of the biggest challenges. I started my music career while in college at Jackson State University. Things were tough at first; I would drop ten beats a day on every call platform for about two months, and I started growing but not fast enough to notice, so I was preparing to quit. I gave up until one day when I was notified about my royalties check of $350. Being a college student, it was a lot at the time, so I kept going, and that’s how I got to where I am today. ”

The prominent rapper is also an entrepreneur, a stock investor, and the founder and CEO of the WDK network, Wizcoin, and an American luxury clothing brand, Aonaran by Wizdakidd. In response to the lesson he would love to share with the world, he said, “You should keep working because the moment you quit may be the moment you take off. That’s my lesson to everyone, don’t stop working, work while they are sleeping, that’s what billionaires do,” he adds.

Soon, Wizdakidd hopes to be heard across the global airwaves. He also looks forward to signing with a renowned industry name and ultimately furthering his musical career.

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