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Making things “Wright” in the world of music, make way for rapper Keeno Shaun Paul Wright.

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After a certain personal loss in his life, music gave him his peace, and today, he tries to change lives through music for the better.

A closer look around will let people know how things have changed over the years for many incredible reasons across the world. People will also understand how these changes were a result of the many courageous steps that a few professionals and experts took in their fields to up their game with their work. These positive changes and developments have inspired greatness in them and gone ahead in imbuing more positivity, hope, and motivation in other budding talents in those sectors. There have been too many people who did the same in the world of music and have been determined to better the whole music world with their exceptional efforts. Serving as one of the finest talents currently in the Canadian music scene is Keeno Shaun Paul Wright, who, through his ceaseless efforts, has been only climbing up and above in the music industry as a rising rapper and music artist.

Keeno Shaun Paul Wright confesses how a certain personal loss triggered his love for music and became his purpose in life. Recalling that incident, he says that in 2011, his best friend Mohammed got shot dead in front of him, and that bullet missed him. That was the day he felt God saved him, and hence, he decided to leave behind his street life and take music seriously, as music was something he would passionately follow since his growing-up years.

His music speaks about his struggles and the things he saw growing up in the hood. To try and live a better, music was the only escape, he felt. Also, music gave him his peace, and thus he was adamant in his pursuits of making it huge as a rapper and music artist. A lot of his inspiration comes from big artists like Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Diddy, Kanye West, DMX, and others. He grew up watching them and studying their moves to eventually become one like them.

Now, Keeno wishes to take over the music world with his label, TMG (Top Music Group), and he plans to sign new and promising artists for the same. He is also working on his own music and marketing company to help promote upcoming artists, athletes, actors, comedians, and more. Currently, he is working toward honing his fashion design and acting skills and has been writing scripts for TV shows and series.

This has what made Keeno a one-of-a-kind artist doing all the “Wright” (@keenomuzik) things in music and entertainment.

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