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New Jersey Rapper Worldisgualaa Drops New Single “Go Baby”

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New Jersey rapper Worldisgualaa is ready for the airwaves, coming in hot with his new single “Go Baby” and its new video. Amassing over 17,000 streams and counting in less than two weeks, Worldisgualaa is surely expanding his fanbase across different horizons.The new single comes right in time for the end of the summer, bringing a balanced vibe between hip-hop and light melodic notes. Approaching this release creatively and calculatedly, the official “Go Baby” visual speaks many volumes through its fun scenes. Fans and new listeners get to see some of Worldisgualaa’s personality, and a cool visual component to enjoy the song.

The scenes range from Gualaa at a press conference posing as the President of The United States while news reporters question his special announcement, and eventually transitions into the luxury lifestyle everyone loves to visualize. With the potential to be a viral sensation based on the quality of his content alone, Worldisgualaa is surely sitting on a good record and mini-film. Make sure you stream the official “Go Baby” video below:

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