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Hardworking MC TouchDown vows to shake up the competition

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TouchDown is on a mission to prove that he has a spot amongst the big names in the music world, and being that he is just two years into his career, his dedication and skill are only just beginning to take him to the top.


The MC, who was born in Atlanta but raised in Milwaukee, played Division I football at Michigan State University.  His latest release is a 14 song project titled “Know I’m a Star”, and he credits Bigg HT and Chop the Chef for being his go to producers.


“I want to showcase my ability to light the music world on fire,” said TouchDown.  “My content, metaphors, and work ethic are second to none; I put my all into my craft and the hard work is bound to pay off.”


TouchDown is developing a rapidly growing fanbase, and he is already making some big moves even before he reaches the mainstream.


“[My next moves are] videos, label meetings, real estate endeavors, and anything else that will contribute to my growth,” he said.  “We’re funding the music with investment properties until the labels stop sleeping.” 


If you could not already tell, TouchDown will continue to work and improve his already amazing craft.  There’s no telling what he will accomplish; all we can do is sit back and watch him make it to the top.  

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