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Enzo – Big Sass

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A fresh look to our page today is SLC, UT artist Enzo who has been taking his city by storm with his song “Big Sass”. After the release of his mixtape “Valley”, Enzo started garnering attention due to his honest and melodic style of music. This has lead some to compare him to Drake, and have lead them to believe that he could potentially fill a void in the music industry that has been increasingly vacant with the increasing absence of J. Cole, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. In a recent interview with Dj SmallsEyez, Enzo spoke about his upbringing in Salt Lake City and difference between how the city is perceived and what it actually is, citing an armed robbery he survived as a growing point in his formative years. More recently his single “Big Sass” has created a buzz due to its body empowerment message and also to the fact that some listeners think the song is too provocative. Regardless, I really look forward to hearing more from Enzo. It’s clear that his perspective is unique and that he finds a way to share those perspectives in a clear and concise way that a lot of artists fail to do in this generation. Songs like “Melanin Magic” and “Over Analyze” make it abundantly clear that Enzo is one of the next big names in the rap scene today.

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