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DJ/Producer Avivpr “La calle pide”

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Moving in an all-instrumental direction, the energy in the track is far from lost. Timmer exuberates non-stop creative chemistry spearheading the record with an energizing blend of techno. Uplifting beats and breaks move listeners throughout the track, emitting almost 80’s nostalgia vibes.

Timmer has demonstrated consistency in connecting with his audience and executing vibrant and unique records from a career standpoint. Even though Avivpr is on the come up, he’s not an artist to overlook. Unfortunately, not many artists can handle the pressure of remaining nuanced within a competitive, driven industry. Luckily, Kevin has a strong circle around him to help hone his craft, continuing to mentor and pour invaluable technique and momentum into his platform, guiding the wind in his fast-rising influence.

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