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Artist Titi Dama Is Committed To Leaving A Legacy

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Music is a unique experience for everyone. Taste in music speaks to something more profound about our identity and pinnacles, a pressing conviction of our entire existence. Titi Dama shares,

“For me, I like being hands-on in the room with an artist, rather than making beats and sending them to artists. That’s also a good method, there’s a lot of people that do that, and I know a lot of rappers prefer that, but the best way to make music for me is to make the song in the studio and get to work on the song after the vocals are there too. It’s kind of like a pop music mentality.”

As you might know, the music world is highly ambitious, and it takes a certain altitude of devotion to ride the tide. Titi Dama means business when showcasing that kind of loyalty in her craft. Her sheer persistence is transparent, and she’s been committed to furthering her brand credibility by showcasing her success working alongside her fellow Chicago Producers. In addition, she’s teamed up on production with several notable figures in the music industry.

Titi Dama strives to be an artist that can keep up with the trends without compromising her values. Paying tribute to her roots is something she’s been brought up with and is one of the critical ingredients to the success of her influence. Fans look for ways to bond with the artist beyond the music, and this is an ambition that Titi Dama performs remarkably well. If anything, the music scene has become hyper-saturated. Since many labels push new artists monthly, producers need to pay special attention to crafting their records to remain nuanced and prominent within a fast-paced music industry.

Even though these past few years were a setback for many artists, Titi Dama has been pushing a positive outlook since day one. She leveraged this season to harness her craft to expand her ever-growing catalog for 2022. Inevitably, Titi Dama is a game-changer, a surefire talent that is quickly seizing attention, and one thing is for sure; her star power will keep rising.

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